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The Four Dimensions of Sacred Geometry in Tarot

Ethan Indigo Smith

“Geometry focuses on understanding the tangible. Meditation focuses on understanding the intangible. The benefits of understanding the outside world are stupendous, and the benefits of understanding the inside world are limitless.”

Think Carefully before Acting

Donna Taylor

One word best sums up the current energies: “tense.” Eight planets in fixed signs, including Mercury retrograde, doesn’t leave much room for flexibility and tolerance. Fixed signs have a tendency to be blinkered and rigid in beliefs and actions.

The Year of Worldwide Awakening

Elizabeth Joyce

Having pinned all hopes on next year, we eagerly wait for time to pass and our hopes to manifest. But what will change in 2021, and when, is a moot question. Astrologically, we are better placed in 2021.

Discover Internal and External Harmony

The Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

February 2021 begins with Mercury retrograde in the harmonizing sign of Aquarius, the water bearer who carries two urns of energy — one flowing from the cosmos to Earth and all upon it and the other gathered from this dimension flowing back to the cosmos — representing the balanced reciprocity of

Our Destinies Begin to Surface

Michelle Karen

The Saturn-Uranus square on February 17 — one of the most important themes of this year — is by far the most significant aspect of this month. There could be much social unrest, signs of rebellion, and even revolution in the world this month.

The Power of Your High Heart

Kira Raa

How perfect the month of Valentine’s Day depends on your ability to hold the presence of the high heart in all you do. The extraordinary year 2021 expands again in February with a full compass that invites you to say yes to your eternal, infinite nature.

Pay Attention to Your Perceptions

Lynn Buess

This month features giving attention to your mind, belief systems, and perceptions of the world around you. Many of your thoughts that go into decision-making are programmed by dark forces to mislead and deceive you away from what is true. Do you examine what both sides are saying?

More Powerful Shifts Are Yet to Come

Donna Taylor

It has been said that the star of Bethlehem was actually a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Perhaps this is why these two planets, when joined at the hip, have been regarded as an auspicious omen throughout the centuries. This might seem odd, since Saturn and Jupiter are opposites by nature.

Join in the New Rhythms

Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

As the new year begins, the energies for January 2021 open with Mars in late Aries square Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn and Jupiter in early Aquarius, signaling a new direction born through harmony, connection, cooperation, and communication.

Trust and Faith

Michelle Karen

Uranus turns direct on Thursday, January 14 at 12:36am (6°43’ Taurus). Its shadow period lasts until May 1, 2021.


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