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Upcoming Eclipses Bring Clarity

Michelle Karen

We heal when we stop judging others and ourselves and start forgiving. There are no mistakes, only learning experiences.

In the Essence of The Fifth Stage

Stephanie Clement

Are you looking for an astrological four-leaf clover? Well, we get one in the form of two symmetrical and powerful patterns that fill the heavens on May 9, 2011. Both patterns revolve around the Moon's north node.

Setting Free Our Talents and Creative Energy

Stephanie Clement

One of the hardest things about astrology is to get the bits and pieces of the puzzle to fit together. One approach is to identify patterns of aspects, or relationships, among planets. This month the patterns are precise—something that doesn't always happen.

Assisting Others to Mastery

Rhonda Smith

July 2011 (29/11), will increase the intensity because it is another 11. This is the last quarter of the numerological year, the time to use your harvest and distribute what you've learned. You are to be the spiritual messenger and teacher who has come to assist humankind.

Confront Your Darkness and Allow Your Talents to Shine

Michelle Karen

Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday, August 2 at 8:50p m at 1°12' Virgo until Friday, August 26 at 3:03p m at 18°45' Leo.

Achieve Great Things in Alignment With the Stars

Donna Taylor

The message this month is: Don't make life any harder than it needs to be. September facilitates easy growth and positive changes if you flow with the energies and listen to your inner voice. Trusting yourself about what feels right is important at any stage of life.

Standing on Your Own Foundation

Rhonda Smith

September 2011 (22), is another intense month with the repetition of the master builder vibration of the year. There is tremendous energy to bring spiritual energy to the material plane, and you are to command this energy to build your life and help others to do the same.

Challenge Yourself and Reap Great Rewards

Donna Taylor

It is over two years since I wrote my last column for the Sedona Journal of Emergence! While it's wonderful to be back, I have been rubbing my chin pondering how best to deliver the news that the planetary gods wish me to impart. For the most part, August is a month full of challenges.

Increased Abundance, Healing, and Mastery

Michelle Karen

Jupiter is still retrograde this month between 10°21' and 8°50' and will be until December 25. These degrees are symbolized in the Sabian symbols by "a woman watering flowers in her garden," "a Red Cross nurse," and "a fully decorated Christmas tree."1 We continue this month in a time of

Using Your Intuition to Create

Rhonda Smith

August 2011 (30/3), brings a sense of celebration and somewhat restless energies that require you to stay balanced and act constructively in your life. This is the energy of creation and fertility.


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