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A New Humanity Is Being Born

A New Humanity Is Being Born Lynn Buess

This is a most revealing time of increasing social and political change and unrest. Many awakening souls are recognizing the demise of the long-bankrupt U.S.A. “corporation.” Something new and old is being born out of the nation’s tribulation. The system is far too corrupt and compromised. What can you do? If you are young and guided, you can run for office. If you are old and cannot physically participate in the changes, you can at least help to vote them all out. There is a swelling tide to cleanse the air, and divine assistance will join in this quest, once enough souls unite in momentum.

A new humanity is being born. The darkness seeks to derail and deflect this evolution with DNA manipulation and AI intrusion. Prepared and aware people are putting new sources of healthy foods and ingredients of higher light into their bodies. It is wise of the wary to be careful what they allow to be infused, injected, or put into the sacred temples of their holy bodies at this crossroads-of-consciousness moment.