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A Perfect Balancing Act

A Perfect Balancing Act Kira Raa

August is a month of profound choice, and the essence of that choice sits at the depth of your soul’s experience: Who are you? How will you choose to be? August greets us from far outside the known universe with many people wondering how long they can keep living with things the way they are. The good news is that as you say yes to your divine presence as an eternal, limitless being of crystalline light, your choice is effortless and well supported.

The greater questions before the planet will begin to see resolution, as the month’s 8-8 lion’s gate is also a culmination of the way things have been and the wideopen portal of how they will be. The greatest blessing is that this is your choice. As you glide through August, remember that you are a master in all ways. You are not crazy, and you are not alone. This is the moment to own the gift of this lifetime, and move forward through all distractions with sincerity, love, and presence. From this space, the divine is yours to command. It is simply waiting for you to choose to say yes.