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From the Impossible to the Plausible

From the Impossible to the Plausible Lynn Buess

This is a 5 universal year, and the number five will repeatedly appear in significant symbolic ways throughout the year. One example is 5G, the new internet-connection frequency that comes with many dubious warnings and statistics. Another is 5D, a dimensional shift of consciousness that New Agers and others speak of as the world increases in vibrational frequency.

The U.S. government’s UFO report of June 2021 was seen by UFO researchers and aware citizens as another piece of whitewash, misdirection, and ongoing denial. An aerial display and light show of non-terrestrial vessels will soon appear in the skies that cannot be denied or covered up by any world government. This should not be confused with a possible false-flag: a manufactured invasion of reported extraterrestrials that rumors have said will come for several years now.