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What to Do with Your Newfound Awareness

Lynn Buess

If the past couple months were accurate, this is a time of reflection, reaction, and hopefully aware action of the masses. A door expands for the masses to wake up, but the question remains, will they take the opportunity to do so?

Make a Wish upon the New Moon

Donna Taylor

After what has been a tumultuous year — full of drama, shocks, surprises, and roller coaster rides — it’s as if the gods have decreed that the people of planet Earth need a pleasant turn of events.

Master Your Destiny through Self-Responsibility

Michelle Karen

Uranus remains retrograde this whole month until January 2, 2018. Its shadow period will last until April 19, 2018.

The Hanged Man and the Magician

Sensei Erwin Rimban

In the tarot, the archetypes of the Hanged Man and the Magician represent two ways of knowing and learning. They represent two different spiritual curriculum systems, two different epistemologies, and two different viewpoints about the essential foundations of the cosmos.

Manifestation Will Be Instantaneous in November

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Energies for the coming months and well into 2018 have tremendous portals, opportunities, and wisdom for those willing to let go of ideas, beliefs, expectations, and limitations previously accepted as truth.

The Breadth and Depth of the Times Ahead

Divine Wisdom
Annie Botticelli

Understanding astrological transits and cycles empowers us to see the energies that are coming and allows us to use planetary potentials to their maximum. Jupiter is a wonderful planet to track when looking at the span of a year because its cycles through each sign are around twelve months.

Between the Earth and the Sky

Marty Dixon

Witchi tai to, gimee rah
Hoe rah neeko, hoe rah neeko
Hey ney, hey ney, no way
Water Spirit feelin’ springin’ round my head
Makes me feel glad that I’m not dead
— Jim Pepper, “Witchi Tai To,” 1969

Mercury Retrogrades over the Holidays

Elizabeth Joyce

Mercury will turn retrograde the morning of December 2, when there will be twenty-two more shopping days until Christmas. The planet will be in the shadow of retrograde several days before that.

The Astrological Timeline for Emergence

Robert FitzGerald

Timing is everything, as the old saying goes. During the 1980s and 1990s, the end of the past century, we assumed that the year 2000 would signal the change into the new Age of Aquarius. This was based on the long-held traditional idea that astrological ages are 2,000 years long.

The New Now

Lynn Buess

This is the last month of a three-month (September, October, and November) cycle of ominous potential that can be destructive and explosive, resulting in a massive expansion of human awareness. The energy of this time suggests there will likely be another world-changing event.


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