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Go with the Flow

Go with the Flow Donna Taylor

The basic premise of astrology is that there is a time to act and a time to lie low. The movements of the planets interact with our individual planetary dynamics and reveal good times to do particular things. If we are wise, we move in accordance with cosmic laws, and our lives flow a bit easier.

This isn’t to say that being aware of planetary dynamics gives us stress-free lives; we all must face difficulties. But astrology gives us an understanding of how to go with the flow. Many times, we struggle against the tide, thinking that our powers are greater than our circumstances. Sometimes we overcome the adversity, but that simply wastes energy that could have been better spent doing something else. When we get a harmonious aspect between Uranus — planet of creative change — and the Sun, it is much easier to move forward, make changes that feel right, and break out of restrictive situations