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Reconnect and Heal with Spirit

Donna Taylor

The first half of March has a very fluid and flexible energy. With the Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron all in malleable Pisces, life will work better when we go with the flow and don’t resist what is.

Secrets Come to Light

Lynn Buess

This month is a time of disturbance, decision, discernment, disillusionment, and possible despair that will touch all humanity.

Be Receptive to Inspirational Energies

Egyptian Cat Archetypes
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

During May 2018, passions will run high as more soul-heart truth is brought to the surface of consciousness for transformation, healing, and wholeness. This will take place not only on an individual level but also in groups, organizations, companies, and countries.

Be Disciplined to Achieve Self-Mastery

Michelle Karen

Jupiter remains retrograde this entire month until July 11 with a shadow period continuing until October 7.

Expect Upheaval as Uranus Moves into Taurus

Donna Taylor

The big news this month is that after seven years of traversing Aries, Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15. Uranus is not known for his stability and conventional behavior, which is why throughout his time in Aries we’ve experienced such volatility.

Recognize and Transform False Projections

Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Feelings, emotions, and sensitivity to things only felt rather than seen are intense throughout the month of June. Much of what has been speculated, talked about, and predicted will manifest.

Female Leaders Are in the Spotlight

Lynn Buess

This periodic cycle will reveal more about the abuse of money and power that has plagued the planet and been out of control for far too long. Heavy losses in global stock markets and money markets are here or very near.

Move into "Soft Time"

Donna Taylor

In a world obsessed with progress and power, June is likely to make us question the validity of our ambitions as well as offer some welcome relief to those who are tired of playing the game.

One Person's Progress Affects Everyone

Michelle Karen

Jupiter remains retrograde through June to July 11, and its shadow period continues until October 7.

Focus on the Big Picture

Michelle Karen

Read the full article in the July 2015 issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence!


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