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Unprecedented Opportunities

Unprecedented Opportunities Michelle Karén

Uranus remains retrograde until January 17, 2022. Its shadow period remains until May 5, 2022. The degrees covered in October (14º06' to 12º59' Taurus) are represented in the Sabian symbols by “a man with rakish silk hat, muffled against the cold, braves a storm,” “on the beach, children play while shellfish grope at the edge of the water,” and “a porter carrying heavy baggage.” A strong need for freedom is felt by many, yet we are not quite out of the woods. Another year and a half will pass before life regains some kind of normality. The times call for us to find our inner freedom and face all the unresolved issues we might have been carrying for many years and maybe even many lifetimes.

Neptune remains retrograde until December 1 between 21º20' and 20º40' Pisces. The Sabian symbols for these degrees are “a prophet bringing down the new law from Mount Sinai” and “a little white lamb, a child, and a Chinese servant.” Deceit, lies, illusions, and strange manipulations abound all around us creating a web of false information that appears real. Laws keep changing, which is disempowering for the people. Even if fear and restrictions prevail, and we feel we are the victims of something we cannot control, we are not powerless. The time has come to reside in our inner peace, trust our intuition, and remain strong through knowing that this too will pass.