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The Gifts of the Angels

The Gifts of the Angels Almine

For eons of existence, the exquisite beings of light have interacted with man. They are known to many cultures on Earth as the winged ones, or angels. Their presence has been well established among humanity, but our knowledge of them has been elementary.

Our Dynamic Universe and the 300 Angelic Orders

Humanity has the tendency to intellectualize life and place it into boxes and categories that our limited intellects can grasp. This desire to control the unknown by trying to force it into the static compartments of the known has to be set aside if we wish to explore the beauty and grace of the angels. Life is never the same two consecutive moments in a row; only in the physical does it seem so. In the ancient texts of the Hamagda, the following statement can be found: Keshenit hasu unech prihavat este. Villerash inet savavich-pata minuvi – hasat ukle. Translation: No being can be known by the mind. All are gateways of the infinite but ever-changing expression. Selvavit unech achvavi pihavash seen. Translation: Approach the newness of the moment with humility.

Not only do functions change as life changes, but very often so do the names of some of our most cherished archangels. According to ancient Atlantean texts, there are 300 Archangels, each representing a group of myriad angels who are like portals of infinite intent. The archangels' purpose is to allow the infinite to manifest its intent through them; this allows the angelic orders they represent to fluidly change while they do not. They are like windows that infinite intent shines through.