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You, the Hundreth Monkey Syndrome Reality and the One Percenters

You, the Hundreth Monkey Syndrome Reality and the One Percenters Vajrayana

Understanding the invisible entrapments of the human condition, knowing that acknowledgement is a crucial step toward desired change, and supporting my clarion call to awaken spiritually: these are some seeds of disease underlying humanity's deep trance states. Root consequences of spiritual ignorance include cellular level oppression, dysfunctional cellular activity, and cellular degeneration. All of these span the spectrum of each sleeper's earthly life. Submergence in deep negativity becomes the dominant reality.

Millions of Americans are in deep trances that affect all cells of their being and every level of their lives. Whether you strive to increase incomes, attract mates, or heal diseases, it's time to accept that no savior or troops shall ever emerge to do for you that which law demands you do for yourself. Discern when and how you gave your power away, and decide to take it back. That is my clarion call.

As citizens of a divinely intelligent universe, moment to moment we're all creating our life experiences. It's now time to do so with optimal knowledge of how this universe operates. Consider this: The universe is spiritual and operates for your whole self through your spiritual self and human faculties. Its functions are based on collective information stored within, accessed, and transmitted by you through your brain and your body's database. Transmissions regard unconscious core beliefs, desires, life, and past-life dramas, traumas, memories, emotionalized thoughts, words, loves, and so on. The missing wisdom that can turn your earth walk into play and laughter is this: Because your essence is spiritual, the game of human life is spiritual. In other words, because you're a spiritual being first, humanness is added to spirit and not vice versa. The human game is based on consistent right use of immutable universal and spiritual laws.