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Psychic Energy Readings for 2012

Psychic Energy Readings for 2012 Judy Lynn Koons & Christy DeArment Martin

The next dimension and how it affects things is the dominant theme for the year. When heart and mind are integrated, we have access to the power of Source within. This integrated way of living will call us all to find greater willingness to allow Spirit to work through us and bring the golden thread that is within all things into more prominence. At first this might seem very uncomfortable, but with willingness, it will become the norm. After a while, it will seem like it has always been so.

We will be moving through stresses and releasing the fears associated with being alive. This will be a year of movement and understanding the power of letting go and letting Spirit lead the physical bodies we live in. There is a strong indicator that this year will bring some of the most powerful inner changes we’ve ever experienced. We will live this beautiful expression of being through innocent joy and love. It will look like a happy marriage with self, and this becomes reflected in everything around us. Being at ease without being in control is a process we will learn over the year, and everything we require to do this will be available.

There will be an interesting knowing that spirit is directing things and that our need to control is just that—an illusion and recognition of the game. It is a beautiful ride we are on, and the ability to allow the larger part of ourselves to be a more conscious part of life will serve us in unimaginable ways. We will gain the ability to feel and know that things are always being looked after, even if we take a break in the physical aspects of life. The harmony and balance between the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual parts of us will continue to unfold this year.