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Perpetual Rejuvenation through Mastering Opposites

Perpetual Rejuvenation through Mastering Opposites Almine

The art of rejuvenation, unknown to the masses, has long been practiced with varying degrees of success in the mystery schools of the world. Locked away from its corrupting influences, these mystics have attempted to disengage from the grid that programs the death and life cycles of humankind.

These practitioners of the rejuvenation methods that were well-kept secrets of the ancients were sometimes encountered by outsiders who attested to the virility and strength of the masters, even at very advanced ages.

Three Stages of Overcoming Death

There are three stages of overcoming death and decay that have been known through the ages, each mastering one of the stages of linear change. In order to understand them, we must first be aware that life spirals around and around a triangle of three very distinct stages: transformation, transmutation, and transfiguration.