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The Consciousness of Oil

The Consciousness of Oil Norma Gentile

I tend to not want to foreknow events, but instead choose to receive insights from my guides about patterns and trends that are at the causal level. When I do receive information in the form of prophecy, I tend not to share it; rather, I ask the guides for information to help avoid the prophesized event that I might share. Rarely have I decided that the undercurrents of an event could only be addressed by making the prophecy public. During a group meditation in October 2008, Thoth shared with me something that at the time I did not share aloud, but I later decided to pass it on to the Sedona Journal of Emergence! ["Ease into Transition," December 2008.] Here is an excerpt from that channeling.

. . . a crisis around energy and land is apt to move onto the world's stage. The energy of this episode is likely to take the form of a major natural disaster involving oil drilling in the ocean. It will be in a location and of a size that significantly impacts the food supply for millions of people. This episode will force you to examine how you extract oil from within the earth. It will also force into the general media and into your awareness facts that are already known about the damage your current style of oil drilling has done to the planet. It might be so devastating that oil drilling is banned by most countries. This information is not shared as a way to create fear. Rather, it is shared to remind you that change is constant, and what doesn't change easily, bit by bit, will ultimately change dramatically.