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The 144 Secrets of the Root Races

The 144 Secrets of the Root Races Almine

Humanity is the root race of all others and they are our offspring, yet humans see themselves as a separate race. When this division is seen as an illusion, humans become one with all other races. Racial identity is bondage, as are all forms of identity. Gender identity is the second strongest bondage.

There are 144 races in addition to humanity. All come from humanity, yet humans think that the qualities of these other 144 races are not those of humanity. The creation cannot exceed the creator. The boundless strength of the tiger and the grace of the butterfly live within humans. When we know them to be ourselves, we can claim these qualities. The arrogance of humanity has not respected other life forms. Human beings have not truly seen themselves in others, being too self-absorbed with their own lives.