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Ancient Energies Now Departing

Ancient Energies Now Departing Norma Gentile

From Norma: A wave of ancient energies has almost completed its journey out of our planet. You might notice that the days seem to be getting calmer, as the vibration of those energies is no longer hitting up against the vibration of the physical Earth and our physical bodies. Will this be the last major release of ancient energies? Probably not. My guides say another wave will begin to exit in mid-fall. For this reason, I include some ideas and insights for you to ponder from this past spring and summer's cycle of release.

From Mary: Moving into a new relationship with all of the consciousnesses with whom we share our planet means letting go of our belief that any one of us knows how another should act, should be, or even should heal. It is very difficult to give away or force on someone the energy of gratitude. The true sensation of gratitude brings you to rest. It brings you into your body and so into the center of your world.