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Coming to Our Senses After a Life of Excess

Coming to Our Senses After a Life of Excess Almine

The uncertainty around the accuracy of prophecy can be more fully understood when examined in the light of events predicted for the past year that did not occur. Looking back at the previous New Year's prophecies shows a very wide margin of error. Twice during the past year engineered disasters had been thwarted by the intervention of the lightworkers of Earth. Twice they have raised planetary consciousness by increasing illuminated awareness, thereby transforming a foreseeable course of disastrous events to a higher reality.

When life is viewed from the cutting edge of change, the fluid unfolding of its amazing perfection is irrefutable. How, then, can any doomsday prophecy have any validity at all? You can observe trends and see ways in which the cosmos is changing—humankind as the microcosm always follows suit. As we seek to traverse the events of the new year with grace, one such trend that we must observe is the restoration of authenticity and intrinsic value.