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Ascension Symptoms

Ascension Symptoms Wendy Zellea

Many of us are experiencing ascension symptoms, and discussions of the variety of noticeable physical, emotional, and energetic changes are becoming a part of the journey to the higher realms. There are many types of symptoms occurring at different times, depending on the physical and emotional situation of the individual, the events in his or her life, the time of year, the weather, and astrological circumstances. For those of us experiencing these physical expressions of the energetic change in our lightbodies, the difficulty is that it is up to us to discover the most effective way to handle ourselves in these situations.

You As a Spiritual Seeker

What exactly are ascension symptoms? As we ascend, we are raising in vibration and our energetic and our physical bodies transcend into barely perceptible higher dimensions. Of course, our physical bodies remain in the third dimension, but at a different vibration. For example, remember how you lived in the world as a child. You lived in the dimension of a child, and that was as valid a reality as any other. The same is true now as you live in your adult world, and as you ascend, you exist in another dimension of that world. Just as your physical body grew when you were a child, your lightbody is growing as a spiritual seeker. Each level of vibration has its own reality.

As you move through the vibrational levels that blend together and fade into each other, your physical and energetic bodies change, usually imperceptibly. But occasionally the quantum leap is grander and becomes noticeable in the third dimension. Those are the times when we have "aha" moments and feel exceptionally wonderful. Those blissful moments lift us higher than we have been, but then we return to a normal state—or do we? The answer is no, we do not. We are lifted when inspired, and afterward we remain a bit higher than before, even when we settle down and become "regrounded." That is the key phrase, for we do not sink down, we only become anchored in a higher state of grace.