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How to Connect with the Angelic Realm

How to Connect with the Angelic Realm Sunny Dawn Johnston

The angelic realm’s mission is to protect, nurture, and guide humanity. Races, cultures, and religions may have diverse and conflicting doctrines, but they all have one thing in common: a belief in angels. In fact, 85 percent of all religions reference angels in some form or another.

Angelic beings team up to assist us in connecting the physical world to the spiritual world. Angels offer unconditional love, which is the essence of All That Is. Open yourself up to the possibility that angels exist and invite them to help you with self-love, well-being, abundance, love, prosperity, peace, and joy. By asking, you allow them to assist on your behalf. Angels always honor free will and act only once invited, so remember to ask.

A simple four-step process will assist you in connecting with the archangels, your personal guardian angel, and spirit guides: