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The Reality of ESP: an Interview with Russell Targ, Remote Viewing Pioneer

The Reality of ESP: an Interview with Russell Targ, Remote Viewing Pioneer Frank Joseph

Russell Targ is perhaps the best-known psychic investigator of our times, and certainly among the most academically prestigious. Born April 11, 1934, in Chicago, he received a bachelor of science in physics from Queens College twenty years later and did graduate work in physics at Columbia University (both in New York). He retired in 1997 as a project manager and senior staff scientist from Lockheed Martin, an American aerospace and advanced technology company, where he developed laser technology for airborne detection of wind shear and air turbulence. Wind shear, a difference in wind speed and direction over a relatively short distance in the atmosphere, is a potential aeronautical hazard. Targ’s inventions and contributions in lasers and laser communications won him two National Aeronautics and Space Administration awards.

In the 1970s, he cofounded a twenty-three-year program of research into psychic abilities and their operational use for the U.S. intelligence community. Until 1995, it was classified “secret.”

His autobiography, Do You See What I See: Memoirs of a Blind Biker, tells of his life as a scientist and legally blind motorcyclist. The publishing arm of The Theosophical Society in the United States — Quest Books — recently released his latest book, The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities.