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The Fourth Wise Monkey Fears No Evil

The Fourth Wise Monkey Fears No Evil Ethan Indigo Smith

Modern societies are made up of four archetypes of people — idiots, zealots, elitists, and patriots. This is true of patriarchal societies around the world and has probably been the case since Homo habilis existed. Each type is characterized by a response to information: Idiots refuse it, zealots refute it, elitists misuse it, and patriots distribute it.

While consistent across cultures, these archetypes have been subdivided in many ways and have borne countless different names; furthermore, their attitudes toward one another have varied (slightly) from age to age. But the essential dynamics of society have never altered. Even after enormous upheavals and irrevocable changes, the same pattern has historically reasserted itself over time, just as gravity finds equilibrium.

Idiots, Zealots, Elitists, and Patriots