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The Secret Order of the Tarot Deck

The Secret Order of the Tarot Deck Nori Muster

The tarot is a mirror for our world, including all of its highs and lows. The symbols of the tarot deck, notably the major arcana, represent archetypal themes. Common symbols sometimes show up in dreams, or the dreams follow a similar theme. Any good tarot dictionary offers explanations for these archetypal themes. Be sure to look for one that works from a psychological (rather than superstitious) perspective. I recommend Motherpeace Tarot by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble.

This new interpretation of the tarot deck explores a secret order of the tarot, tracing the meaning of the cards from the heavens to hell.

Divine and Archetypal Forces

The major arcana represent archetypal forces in life, and the highest and most abstract forces that control our lives are those that concern our universe. These are powerful images that signify important issues in your questioner’s life.