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Divine Changemakers Heal the World

The Council of 12

Channel’s Note: This article will help you understand recent world events and your role as a divine changemaker. The times are intense, with lots of issues coming to the surface. Relationships can be challenging, with the people you love being affected by some of the same stresses you have.

Energy Shifts for Spiritual Lightworkers

Archangel Metatron
Jill Harrison

Blessings to one and all. The universal energies at this time are working toward influencing all humans to become deeply connected to their spirituality and to discover the spiritual life lesson of compassion. For many humans, this will be felt on a collective level.

We Are the Ancients

The Ancients
Robert Shapiro

We are the ancient ones.


Ascension Is Linked to Changes in DNA

Papa Juan
Beatriz Jimpson

Many of you have expressed interest in wanting to become a channel for information from beings such as ourselves to help humanity. It is such a wonderful experience for us to be able to share our guidance with you through these means.

Discovering the More of You

Expanded Consciousness
Miriandra Rota

Greetings! We are Expanded Consciousness, and we come forth to speak with you concerning cause and effect as they deliver to you the next phase through which you can and will journey in order to know yourself better and to experience the fulfillment of your purposes, large and small.

Update on the 1st Alignment

Robert Shapiro

We have a sinister secret government. We haven’t talked about them for years. Are they functioning? What is their status now?

You mean in your time?

My time now, 2013, on Earth, yes.

The Unconditional Nature of Love and Suffering

Dwahl Khul
Catherine Weser

Whenever there is an exchange — whenever there is an attempt to get love — oftentimes the love that is returned feels compromised, because indeed you are compromising yourself trying to get what you want, and whatever comes simply has to come back through that same lens, that same aperture, of co

Recognize Your Inner Sanctity

Archangel Uriel
Jennifer Kolikoff

The message that you are about to receive is information intended to underscore the transmissions of light and love that we have been sending around the planet for some time.

Great Changes Are Coming

Cristi Jenkins

Greetings, beloveds, I am Gaia. I am many and I am One. I am the breath of the waters, yet I am the heart of the embers. Indeed I am many things that seem to contradict your understanding of what can go together in your world and what cannot.

Becoming Mainstream

Wendy Zellea

A wonderful thing happened in 2013, but hold on just for a moment. Let’s step back to 2012, the year when much of the world was waiting for an era to end. Those who believed that nothing much was going to occur in December 2012 were right.


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