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The Art and Music of Your Life

The Art and Music of Your Life Raduriel and Zadkiel through Walter Bruneel

Who We Are

The consciousness of Zadkiel is within the overlighting energies of the violet ray. It is part of the archangelic spectrum, governed or overlighted by Raduriel in terms of artistic expression. This consciousness portrayed as Raduriel is part of a universal stream of conscious now linked to the archangelic realm, the muses, and Earth — but not originating in it. In a lot of ways, you could call me a scribe or record-keeper.

Music, Toning, and Poetry

Music is. Reaction to music is highly individual; it's a matter of orientation, resonance, and sometimes programming. Your music has been "played"— meaning manipulated — by both sides of your expressive polarities and continues to be so. There is a guerilla battle going on to entice souls into the sphere of influence of certain parties, making them part of a flock of a color, so to speak. Changes in musical streams of consciousness are telltale signs of the spiritual undercurrents happening.

In some cases, music can have layers of encoded or embedded messages in it that create addictive-response patterns with additional reinforcements of hypnotic imagery. Because you are used to being in a state of hypnosis on a regular basis, this is easy. Art and music are meant to liberate and empower, so the latter development is a perversion of the original energies.