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Your Opportunity to Become a Purified Force for Cosmic Evolution

Your Opportunity to Become a Purified Force for Cosmic Evolution Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, as we draw ever nearer to the astrological portal of 12–21–12, I greet you in a focus of shared expectancy for planet Earth. May we, together, create a spiritual embrace for Earth — one that is both healing and wholing not only for her, but for each of you as well. As the opening of the time portal approaches, may each of you have many inner moments of awakening. Truly, this is a provocative and potent time, and I trust all of you will muster all the spiritual resources available to you as you further your personal preparation and inner purification.

Changing the Collective Experience of Human Consciousness

Some of you are wondering just how this event will unfold, and what specifically will occur at the precise moment of the winter solstice this year. To what degree will people be affected as Earth crosses the time portal? Of course, these are excellent questions, even though they are not so easy to answer in any definitive way. Since the 12–21–12 portal is both an astrological event and a potential threshold for the awakening global mind, the number of variables at play is probably incalculable, and their potential creative interactions are infinitely complex.

While there certainly were those who experienced remarkable moments in their lives at the points of earlier astrological alignments and harmonic convergences, others witnessed them without experiencing anything out of the ordinary occurring in their wake. Those comprising this category may be skeptical that anything of practical significance will take place following this year's winter solstice. Some simply hold a wait–and–see mentality toward any or all astrological prediction variables, whether in their own natal chart or that of the planet. Thus, they may be holding in check the part that wants to get excited about 12–21–12.