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Transform Your Inner Speech to Create a New Story for Yourself

Transform Your Inner Speech to Create a New Story for Yourself Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

I'm not happy with things that happen in the world. I don't think that everything is motivated toward the common good, and so there are things that I don't like. I don't know how to act from stillness in a place of loving kindness when confronted with things like that.

The activities of the world, the activities of a human being, contain within them liking and disliking. It's not uncommon to like this, dislike that, and want to change what you dislike. That's simply normal behavior. Correct? And so when we're talking about stillness and realizing that stillness permeates everything, that stillness is the is–ness that is who you really are, we're talking about extraordinary behavior rather than ordinary behavior.

Authentic vs. Reactive Behavior

We don't wish to say extraordinary behavior is what you should all do and ordinary behavior is somehow less than, but it's pretty clear that there are the Ghandis of the world who appear to operate in extraordinary behavior all the time, correct? And then there are those of us who are pretty ordinary, but we seem to have our extraordinary moments.