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The Recalibration of Free Choice

The Recalibration of Free Choice Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The meetings with Humans who show up in anticipation of my visit mostly contain old souls. This was foreseen. Over two decades ago when my partner began, the meetings contained curious souls. So they have evolved. It is the seriousness of the old soul that brings them to a room like this or to a place like this where they can listen or read. Spirit responds to potentials on my side of the veil, and again I say that we have no clock. We see the reader in the same way we see the one in the chair today: We see potentials as reality. That reality we now see brought you to read this on paper or on an electronic device. All this seems to us to be within the same time frame as a few of you are experiencing in this meeting as you listen. So your future is our now.

We do not see empirical rules in our reality, but instead we see potentialities of existence. That is to say that we know who you are — listening, reading, or here in the chair. You think you know how many are here, but you don't know really what "here" means, for there are far more than you think. Does your "here" include the future? Does your "here" include generations to come? You see, anyone who ever listens or reads these words, no matter when, is a potential that exists in our now.

We wish to continue that which we told you this morning we would do [within the seminar], a continuation of the message of the new energy on the planet. You are halfway through the thirty-six-year alignment window that we would call the galactic alignment. This year, 2012, is therefore the middle of this alignment and is the year in which the energy starts to shift and the energetic seeds that will henceforth change this planet begin to be planted.