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Learn to See Yourself as Love Incarnate

Learn to See Yourself as Love Incarnate Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

My beloved cocreators of the New Earth, it is a challenging time for many in making the transition between soul–hearted human and from the human who has settled on lack and being acted on by the denser energies of Earth. Believe me, you all feel it.

Do Not Allow the Energy of Fear to Overwhelm You

Many are confused, as they think that it is a matter of turning a switch and allowing the new to completely override the old. That is not the case. The energies continue to come in both as waves of old, limiting thought–forms and as waves of completely loving potentials.

Dear ones, you carry the heart of love within you, and I know as I hear many people all over the world grumbling on my body that they doubt themselves — they just don't seem to get it. It is a process that is simple to do once you move into the energy where the waves are less dense; then the doubts lessen and fear does not have such a hold. The problem lies in the fact that when humans go into fear and allow the energy of fear to overwhelm them, it affects the emotional body and the chakras and essentially cuts you off from the higher energies and potentials of Source.