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Be Love in Every Way and Every Moment

Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and I am here to remind you that human consciousness is awakening on a deeper and deeper level: All of us are connected. Now some of you grow weary pursuing the idea that all is unity and all are one, and therefore, people must avoid conflicts at all costs.

Be in Joy!

Sirian Councils of Light
Ray Dawn

Hello to you! We are the Sirian Councils of Light, and we wish to bring tidings of joy to each of your hearts, to allow each of you to come into resonance with your home — the home that is inside of you.

Expanding Your Pathways to Enlightenment

Abby Isadora Haydon

Greetings of joy and well-being come with us as we speak to you. We are a group that has been called Solaris. We travel many galaxies where there is a great infusion of light energy.

Why Death Is Not the Answer


There seems to be a tremendous rise in suicide statistics, as well as self-injury, which has become a sort of fashion among the young.

Your Focus Is on Your Own Journey

Miriandra Rota

Well now, here we are once again, my dears, to speak of something most fascinating: you and your journey! And it is within your journey that you are able to discern exactly what?

The Parrel Plane of Existence

All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be
Elliott Eli Jackson

You can only direct where you are going if you know where you come from and where you are. There is most certainly reason and purpose for all things, and really nothing is by happenstance. The focus on dreams is crucial to your future.

Your Original Divine Blueprint Is Coming Online

The Blue Ray
Shekina Rose

Channel's Note: Number sequences that appear embedded in this channeling are given to Shekina Rose by Spirit to activate this transmission.

An Intersection of Time With No clear Directions

Inspired Information
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Father Time is making himself known again by rerouting the very best of intentions, sidestepping the twenty-four-hour day, and running us around in circles. Time as we know it cannot be forced into pigeonholes nor can it be trained to do our bidding.

Using Quantum Prayer

Archangel Michael
Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Greetings, and welcome, my beautiful beings of light. The light is coming in faster and faster waves, pulling forward with it a gift of the Creator's divine grace. The energies are intense, but you are witnessing changes that many thought never before possible.

The Basic Law of the Universe

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
Judith Coates

Beloved one, you are now coming into a time, a part of a progression that started a good time ago — even before this lifetime, as you measure lifetimes — a progression of allowing expansion, of allowing the awakening and a feeling of lightness, of more light.


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