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Everything Is Your Creation, the Movie of Your Psyche

Mary Magdalene
Mercedes Kirkel

Would you explain what you meant by a statement you made in a previous session: "Your circumstances make it very clear what you need to do for your own growth"? Does it have to do with confronting the belief systems that underlie our feelings and thoughts?

Riding the Spiral of Evolution

Nana Hendricks

Around and around we go, where we stop, only God knows. Spinning spirals, this is how the energy flows. From your DNA helix to the planets’ orbits around the Sun, you are in a spiral of evolution and it is affecting everyone.

Wormholes of Thought

Inspired Information
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

One of the many gifts of this year is the ability to glimpse into the possibility of what is to come. The true pure essence of want and desire is as powerful as a star being birthed.

A Landscape of Change

Shadows of Self
Thelma Bodnar

For the little time you have written messages down, there have been many changes on the Earth plane. You have all been told of these great changes for the good and also of the many possibilities still coming your way. We applaud your attention and your ongoing efforts to effect even more change.

Riding the Wave

Archangel Raphael
Thelma Bodnar

It is a great responsibility you have all been given, keepers of the light. There is no higher honor and no greater calling. You have been chosen for your selfless ways and your inner knowing of how to affect others' lives through your words and actions. We are so very proud of all of you.

Break Free of the Illusion

Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia. What does that mean to you? Do you feel a connection when I speak my name to your hearts? Do you feel a breath of remembrance causing you to seek the truths within your own hearts that we are all truly connected with each other in love?

Become a Love Vibration Generator

Cathy Chapman

Dear ones, I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. I conceived you in my womb, and you continue to reside in my womb of love.

Strengthen Your Heart to Fight the Darkness

Cathy Chapman

What a wonderful day this is, dear ones! You are here on this amazing planet experiencing being the love that you are.

I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. The spark of you began in my womb, you grew in my womb, and I enfold you there even today.

Pictures of Emotion

Dwahl Khul
Catherine Weser

We wish to explain that when you experience an emotion — for example, when you get angry — there's just energy moving that identifies as anger through some definition or picture that helps you to remember that feeling.

Grow Your Food to Purify Your Body

Virginia Ellen

When the cells release fear, anger, and self-hate, they will realign to the knowingness that they are loved, blessed, and safe — that they are divinely guided in their expression in the form of physical matter. They will feel beauty and express perfectly these gifts of cell self.


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