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The Out-of-Body Experience

The Out-of-Body Experience Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, as we have been speaking in previous times of the hologram that you call your reality, we spoke of the hologram from one of your moving dramas, the hologram where ones were having the sword fight. I think it was in one of your Star Wars fictional truths, and the ones in the visual story watched the hologram and the activity going on between ones not physically present with them.

Allow Yourself to Become the Beholder

It is very much like what you are doing in what you call this lifetime, this reality. It is real — we have spoken previously, with the lower case r — very real. If you walk into a tree, if you allow your vehicle to run into something, you know it and you feel it, but it is an illusion. It is still real — with a lower case r — and it is a hologram, as you allow yourself to come up higher and be the beholder that we have spoken of previously. As that beholder, you watch how you are playing your life, how others are interacting with you, and how the various activities and emotions and interactions blend sometimes easily with each other, sometimes not. You also watch the emotions and the colors of the emotions as they would be in the hologram in front of you.

We have suggested strongly that you take a deep breath quite often during the day and allow yourself to ascend into the place of beholder and just watch what you are doing, what you are thinking, and what the other ones who are in conversation with you are thinking and feeling. It will be most instructive to you and a bit amusing, because you may feel that what you are speaking of is the most important thing, and as you are putting it forth to the other one, he or she is not especially hearing you. They are rehearsing what they are going to say back to you when you stop to take a breath.