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New Paradigm Relationships

New Paradigm Relationships Divine Wisdom through Annie Botticelli

Divine Wisdom wishes these offerings to assist in the shifting out of the limiting old paradigm of codependent relationships:

  • You can and will adjust your relationships with yourself and others to be the happiest, most whole, and most joyful experiences possible.
  • You will no longer have your tremendous creative faculties wrapped up in emotional torment and repeat experiences of your childhood.
  • You will now disconnect yourself from these miasmas and assist in the healing of your lineage.
  • You are now ready to open completely to serve others and the world with your remarkable unique gifts in ways that reflect the blissful inner experience that you are.

Codependence is any situation in which a person is engaging in disempowering interactions based on fear. New paradigm relationships are conscious, love-based relationships that allow each person to come into his or her authentic self. New paradigm relationships are formed and participated in not from need and dependency but because of sheer desire, enjoyment, and mutual fulfillment.