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Parallels of Omni-Earth and the Kingdom of Fae

Parallels of Omni-Earth and the Kingdom of Fae Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings, masters. I am Metatron, lord of light! I greet you in a vector of love — unconditional love. We gather this joyous moment to embrace you and to honor you. What an amazing year unfolds before you. Indeed it is a heralded time that you have waited eons to participate within. It is the year of the ascension! Take time to feel the joyous energy we send you from all corners of the omniverse and from every aspect of the cosmos.

Dear hearts, we are asked to speak this day on a myriad of fascinating topics. Of the omni-Earth, the parallels of Earth, and that termed the elemental kingdom. We speak of the incredible vortex of Skellig Michael and of the firmament anchor of Newgrange. We speak of the land of the Goddess and the fae.

The Kingdom of the Fae

We begin with the Skellig Michael Vortex of Ireland and the fae. Masters, one of the delightful and differentiating aspects of experiencing Ireland is the remarkably unique visual interfacing with incredibly light and delightful beings — the kingdom of the fae, the faerie, and the devic. Certain parts of the world have somewhat differing types of elementals. Only the few vectors on the planet that project what may be termed the full-spectrum energy field have the full quality and quantity of the entire fae kingdom. Fewer still of these have the energetic lens that enables humankind to more tangibly see and interact with these beings. Ireland, more than any other area on the planet, has the greatest variety and populace of the faerie and elfin kingdoms, and those in Ireland are far more interactive with humans. That is precisely why so many rich folklores of the devic exist in Ireland. There are indeed rich and diverse pockets of devic beings that timelessly inhabit the green hills and river valleys of Ireland. Although much of Britain and parts of Europe and your planet have similar pockets, the devic kingdom in Ireland is more tangible, more lucid, and more fully expressed than most areas of your planet, and it can thus be more vividly experienced. As a result of the unique energies present, there is available in Ireland the experience of not only seeing the devic in lucidity for confirming periods of time, but there is also the absolute awareness of a communication, a knowledge that they are interacting with you. And so we speak of the parallel, the concentric dimensional overlay, and the realm of etherium, matter, and antimatter — the realm of the angelic and the device.