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Silence and Simplicity

Silence and Simplicity Adama through Kata

Greetings to the masters. It is always an honor to address my words to you, and there is always urgency when these words need to find their way into your hearts. We are there with you always; we know which level of readiness you are connected to. We know when we can start our direct communication with you, person by person. And we are fully aware of the issues that need a broader audience to talk about.

There are those long-awaited preparation steps that make you, in your recent rise in consciousness levels, ready for certain planetary changes. They are the same as the universal changes, but there is no need to deal with them at the moment from this stage of operation. Soon the call will arrive to your heart to pay even more attention to these changes. Always seek the interconnectedness. There are no separate events to unfold, but there will come a chain of events that will bring the recognition of the broader spectrum of the transformation that you and your beloved planet are in the middle right of now.

This year brings all the changes to open the gate for the new energies to arrive to your reality at full speed. The only tools needed are to be found residing within you. Silence and simplicity are two of them. They are carrying the vibrations that need to be prepared.