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Lifting the Blanket of Untruth from the Sleeping Masses

Lifting the Blanket of Untruth from the Sleeping Masses The Consciousness of Sleeping Humanity through Miriandra Rota

We are the consciousness of sleeping humanity. And though you might find it strange that a representative would speak through an expanded consciousness being or even know what that might entail, we are much more than you believe us to be. Some of us are quite awake. And you might be wondering why we would remain with the envelopment of those who are asleep to truth and who suffer because of such belief. The answer is quite simple. We are here, just as you are there. We are here to assist these ones to bear their own suffering and to dare to do more than hope.

Fear Keeps Many Blind to the Cause and Effect of Suffering

While there are those who have said that they have given up hope for a way out of their horrors, the truth remains that they have not. Never is hope dissolved from any being. It is fear that causes them to refuse to participate within hope and the prospects of being uplifted from that which binds them to the cause and effect of suffering — that suffering that many who are now awake cannot even fathom.

We are not insinuating that you have not suffered and suffered greatly, yet in truth the vast majority of those who are now awake are not familiar in any way with the kind of suffering that most of humanity is residing within. We will not give to you grave descriptions in order to prove this statement; however, we will say that there are those great numbers who not only fear the loss of their lives on a moment-to-moment basis, but there are also those who fear the horrors of torture. Yes, our dear awakened lightbeings, torture still exists and did not vanish from the face of the earth when the dark ages began to turn to light.