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The Flower of Freedom

The Flower of Freedom Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

When a child is born, that child is born with a unique pattern — a unique rhythm of energy, unsullied and unspoiled. And that child will make its journey through its Earth incarnation, through its experience in the third dimension. This means learning how to manifest its fine spiritual essence in a physical world, establishing a balance of spirit and matter.

This child is a spark of consciousness that yearns to explore, to expand, to self-realize. But for that to be an ideal evolution, there has to be freedom, free consciousness, and the freedom of retaining this individual pattern. You could see this child from another perspective as energy moving in space, but with its own unique momentum. And that momentum is what you could call its spiritual truth, its free will to be.

When the child comes into the experience of Earth, it wills itself to be. Being is existing. The essential part of that is the freedom of the will to be. So the child has its own freedom of will to be in this Earth of matter, of physicality. And there we have this singular signature pattern. We have this signature pattern like a pure, unique note coming in to be, coming into existence.