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2012: Riding the White Dragon of Transformation

2012: Riding the White Dragon of Transformation Quan Yin through Therese Dorer

Channel's Note: The vision before me is of Quan Yin riding through the black cosmos on the back of a huge white dragon. As this magnificent being glides through the blackness, the scales fall away from its tail and create stardust in a wake of blazing white light.

Welcome, my dear ones, to the ride of your lives. Join me on the back of the white dragon of change and fly with me into the void, where we will discover new beginnings. I invite you to embrace the opportunity to engage in a new expression of life. To facilitate this, you will need to be intrepid, be resourceful, and face your fears.

In this time of transformation, you have the opportunity to manifest the reality you desire. I encourage you to be flexible in all areas of your life and be aware that what you may have embraced in the past may not continue to work for you in this new reality. This gives you a great deal of flexibility but can also be confusing and overwhelming as you make your way through all of the different choices that present themselves.