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Strive for Equilibrium

Strive for Equilibrium Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

As you reach higher for your spiritual salvation, you might assume you are dealing solely with your individualized, incarnate selves. Having spent time in physicality, you are aware of the density your energy bodies have accrued here. What you are less aware of is how you are affected in your higher-self’s lineage experiences throughout the history of this freewill universe.

In the birth of the avatar, you merge with higher aspects of yourself, who are simultaneously enjoying experiences on higher planes of existence. These aspects have expressed roles across the spectrum of light and dark with emotional and mental bodies in positive and negative patterns of experience.

Through the evolution of these aspects/beings on their journey into light, they have introduced into your physical body the vibrations of higher love, wisdom, and the glory of the higher realms. They also carry with them vibrations that, when slowed to resonate in this density, bring forth emotional memories of lifetimes and experiences they have either had themselves or absorbed through you.