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New Earth’s Qualities of Essence Potentials in Quantum Integration

New Earth’s Qualities of Essence Potentials in Quantum Integration The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Living masters, as we survey and review the energies in your Old Earth and New Earth universe, we observe you in the spring of your quantum lives. You are initiating new qualities of soul essence as you continue quantum integration inside your core biolight. This embodied quantum essence integration has not been without continued challenges of cosmic physics. The old electrical Earths and the new light-fusion Earths are rapidly disconnecting and blending all at once.

Passing through your cosmic bubble has been Old Earth consciousness layered in the addictive thought-feeling noise of grief, anger, depression, blame, shame, doubt, judgment, and holographic, or matrix, programming. Humanity is grieving the loss of its DNA identity and potentials, and it mixes a toxic cocktail of anger, depression, grief, and violence to express its confusion and frustration. The root of its imposter cosmic egg is a noise of the collective beehive mind field that can cause cell combustion instead of cell regeneration through soul light-fusion essence.

The computer voice of the Borg1 repeats over and over that the human must still earn its soul’s core-light worth and work in servitude. Old Earth’s electromagnetic field, which holds the planet’s and humanity’s bioneural information networks and DNA encryption in all life species, is gradually short-circuiting as biolight encryption fusion and regenesis take its place. This adds enormous stress and chaos in interpreting what information or reality applies to one’s soul. However, your spirit heart’s voiceover telecoms heart pulses from the soul-core consciousness that love’s new species awareness will bond and care for all life’s children; they are not doomed in a seemingly failed experiment. The soothing voice of cosmic awareness echoes that all the world’s perceptions are mini forms of judgments, and free will allows the petri dish of all expression via all the Old and New Earth versions. The core essence in soul fulfillment, no matter the perception, will always find its true cosmic physics. The quantum lightbody does not indulge in anything but its own potentials and expressing its new qualities in new manifested forms. Its new heart operates like a liquid magnet, instantly attracting the most viable potential.