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Leave the Struggles Behind

Leave the Struggles Behind Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings, wondrous beings! I am Teacher, and I come forth for another glorious chat with those who gather to celebrate truth and the way it can manifest each day for you so that you can have an easier go of it, really enjoy your journey, and — not lastly of course — fulfill your purpose for being here.

Truth is really, what? Truth is the vibrational frequencies that flow forth to take form. And these vibrational frequencies are in their most perfect balance, alignment, and relationship with each other. When the vibrational frequencies of truth reach the physical plane, something occurs. You might think I am going to say that there is so much distortion and illusion occurring here on Earth that there is no chance those most perfect frequencies can remain perfect. But I am not going to say that because it just isn’t true.

Those perfect frequencies enter physicality and form themselves as physicality. Isn’t that interesting? You might wonder how everything becomes so distorted, and the answer is that there has always been something occurring on Earth, and it has to do with you and everyone else. That something is called awakening. To have an awakening, there has to be sleep. That makes sense, doesn’t it? How can you awaken if you have not been asleep, even just a little bit? As the sleep state became more manipulative so that the awakening could be more profound, there came the various phases of the sleep state, including a density that became most difficult to awaken from, to lift out of. This challenge was celebrated by those who first began to play with the awakening process.