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The Clarion Call

The Clarion Call Isaiah through Kathryn Rawlings & Terry Spears

On Easter Sunday 2016, the clarion call began beckoning Home all souls to the christed matrix and calling all souls to remember and live the gospel of love. This gathering is a step in the separation of souls referred to in many cultures and religions.

The building energies of opposite polarities on Earth — discernment and chaos, dissension and peace, everlasting love and hate — have reached a pitch that can support the transformative transition of realities that has been predicted for eons. Many people have quickened their frequency and healed their hearts in preparation for ascension. Please realize that you are being asked to accept that this call is for you and that you can make it to others of like mind and heart. The gathering has begun, and you are an essential part of it.

This is a time of finalizing your current reality and beginning a new one. It has not been thoroughly prophesied that an ascension process will literally takes place. There has been confusion on how people interpret the separation. Some people call it rapture. Many religions discuss the Second Coming of Christ. There are varied opinions on how the separation takes place. Many have known that these changes will occur, but they have not realized that it truly will be in their lifetimes.