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Purposeful Action Contributes to All Beings

Purposeful Action Contributes to All Beings One Life Consciousness through Catherine Weser

In this lifetime on this path of paradox, everyone takes action, and those who take action purposefully with mindfulness and total presence and are engaged with who they are on all levels of being are contributing to One Life Consciousness. The deeper truth is that the contribution is not determined according to specific actions or deeds completed. Every action is meaningful, and all actions are an opportunity to be everything that you are in that very moment.

You are One Life Consciousness, and you understand that everything you do, say, and even think, every way you function in this human body in this human lifetime, is actually all that is One Life expressing. It’s more about waking up to this understanding than learning about it, and there seem to be many ways to stimulate waking up to this understanding. You learn ways to become more mindful, to open the heart center, and to increase awareness, and all the while, you know they are not actually necessary. You are always who you are in the deepest, most pure sense of consciousness, yet mindfulness, heart-centeredness, and awareness all seem to come and go. These two notions exist simultaneously. There is a sense of unyielding knowing with experiences in states of awareness with differing intensities that appear and disappear. There seem to be states to achieve and accomplish as well as a sense of who you are that is without effort. It just is.

This illusion of varying states of consciousness or awareness usually begins with an experience that initiates a belief that they are something different from your normal waking consciousness. It’s then easy to become fascinated by achieving such a state. You might even think that the goal is to be able to maintain a state that feels different from what you would identify as your normal waking state. There really is no goal here. Allowing all seemingly ordinary and non-ordinary states of consciousness is One Life Consciousness. One Life Consciousness is all consciousness.