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Beyond Polarity

Beyond Polarity Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

All that is beyond polarity is the same, equal in the respect that there is no limitation to one or two options. It is not “either this or that” but all. All is included. To simplify, instead of hot or cold, you have all variations between the two as well as those beyond. You have hot like you’ve never experienced and can’t even imagine, and you have the same with cold. Then at some point, they become intermingled and are all temperatures at once. It is difficult to explain to you since your reality is so polarized. It is more than triality and more than unity. It is all things of like kind at once: all colors always, all flavors always, all realities always.

You will select from an uncountable number of realities. To experience any or several of them, you simply choose. It is rapturous to experience anything you might wish to, and you can do it in any combination. Because this power has such potential for misuse, it is only available to those with a level of expertise who would use it only for the highest and best purpose for all. It is one of the major considerations of the trials that a person must go through before being allowed to play and live in the more advanced levels of realities. As you can well imagine, the creative opportunities in higher dimensions are limitless, which is a main concern when allowing a being to enjoy these higher realms.

A Pure Energy Is on Its Way