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Build Unconditional Love to Anchor in the Fifth Dimensions

Build Unconditional Love to Anchor in the Fifth Dimensions Buddha for the Planet through Maureen St. Germain

Many of you are going through major challenges that have upset your status quo. Please know that these upsets are simply a balancing act and nothing more. You can and should treat it as a true game and laugh — laugh at your adversity no matter what it is. Laughter will heal it and transform it.

Waking up in 5D energy is to learn to stay grounded to Mother Earth and connected to the Divine at the same time. In the past, the mystics achieved being connected to the Divine, and then they walked on the earth, but they didn’t maintain that connection full-time until modern saints such as Amma.

This is the Buddha for the Planet. We hold the Buddha consciousness for humanity with great love, fortitude, compassion, reverence, and joy. It is our sincere desire to be part of this transformation, as we are quite aware that it hasn’t been done before, and we are ready to assist those who wish to undertake this process. Call to me as Gautama Buddha, or the role I fill as Buddha for the Planet, knowing that by hooking into this matrix, you can achieve sainthood in this lifetime. You can achieve enlightenment, but more importantly, you can achieve peace right where you are.