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You Will Save Each Other

Ascended Master Sarah Daughter of the Magdalene
Rachel Goodwin

I am Sarah. Today I wish to speak to you about things that lie just beyond the grasp of your current understanding. You know they are there. You can feel them at your soul level, pulling you forward, always seeking and staying on your quest.

The Goddess Is Only Love

The Supreme Creator Goddess

The Goddess is love and made of love to fill you with love, give you love, surround you with love, and help you create with love. How do you create a world filled with love? You become a Goddess, where everything you are, do, and say is love-based.

Embrace the Power of Joy

Ramaela Archangel of Joy
Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney

Be at peace. We are here with you, always. Even at the close of one age and dawning of the next, be at peace. It might appear that your systems are failing, as anger and fear are the currency in this economy, but don’t buy in.

Traversing the Last Subplanes of the Fourth Dimension

Archangel Michael

Beloved master, you are a white-fire, seed-atom fragment of God consciousness. Your individual God-seed atom is the wholeness of your being within this sub-universal experience.

Light a Path for Your Spiritual Warrior

Gilly Wilmot

You are in a boat on the sea. There is very little wind and the waves are still. The sun is shining, and you feel relaxed and calm. You begin to meditate. You’re able to elevate your consciousness, because your body and emotions are calm.

Gateway to the Fourth Realm

Shannon Yrizarry

Contacting the fourth realm is the intuitive work of sensitive energetic beings who are here to bring the third dimension into alignment with new frequencies. These nonbinary beings are struck by the discrepancies between the cultural categories of men and women.

Overcome Unrealistic Expectations

Patti Ashley, PhD

In her Academy Award-winning performance as Judy Garland in the film Judy, Renee Zellweger eloquently portrayed the hopelessness hidden beneath the studied appearance of a seemingly bright and happy woman, a movie star who by all rights should have had it all.

Expand Your Toolbox for Growth

Nancy Robinson

I recently experienced someone close to me acting one way but saying something completely different. Being around this person was irritating, confusing, and energy draining, until I started viewing the behavior from the perspective of my higher soul.

Resolution Is Possible

Denise Bennett, PhD

Ah, we have your attention, an excellent start, dear ones. We have observed the widening rift between your political factions [parties], and it is time we addressed that. Do you not see it for what it is? We will assume that most of you need clarification. Let us start.

Be Present and Watchful

Mahatma Gandhi; Mother of Light; and Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde
Blue Turtle

Mahatma Gandhi: Beloved children of God, it is extremely important that you be present and watchful as you move in the world and determine how to live your life and what is most important to you. Always go deep within to see what matters most in your development and growth.


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