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Embrace the Power of Joy

Embrace the Power of Joy Ramaela Archangel of Joy through Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney

Be at peace. We are here with you, always. Even at the close of one age and dawning of the next, be at peace. It might appear that your systems are failing, as anger and fear are the currency in this economy, but don’t buy in. This is the close of the age of anger, fear, greed, and domination and the dawning of the age of peace, love, joy, cooperation, creativity, and inclusivity.

Breathe, relax, and trust. See through to the deeper energy, the deeper truth. When the news distresses you, remember that current events are inviting you to increase the light you carry and broadcast that light into the collective consciousness for the benefit of all life.

You are far more powerful than you have allowed yourself to be. The old paradigm would have you believe that you must be afraid of power, including your own. You must hide in false humility from the fear of your dominating ego. While you have seen people succumb to ego domination, be brave. Allow the power of the light to flow through you and guide you. Allow the light of love to expand in your heart center and energy bodies. Light up. Be radiant. Shine. Use the power of joy to elevate the energies of fear and anger.