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The Lift Off

The Lift Off Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

I want to hold and comfort you, but this is not the time. Time is of the essence, and you must anchor in love and hold tight to your spiritual self. Now, at her hour of need, Earth needs you to be light and love. We have been faced with deeds of enormous proportion from the side of darkness, and we require more (not less) light from our lightworkers. The media focus has drawn you into separation and fear. You cannot dwell in these if you are to succeed in creating a planet of love.

Many interventions have occurred to assist you in holding your light, but you lost sight of them when you delved into believing the media of darkness. We were lifting off, the fifth dimension of love overlaying Earth, when the cries of the end of the world resurfaced. Do you believe in love, or have you given fear a new look?

The turmoil will turn on the perpetrators, as it will reveal their deeds, misfortunes, and errors. This will free you from their grip. The shakeup will propel you forward into the fifth dimension faster. Like a rocket, you will leave behind the old Earth and begin today to create the new.