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Do We Share a Universal Melody?

David Aiello

For me, music is a necessity, just as air, food, water, and shelter. But as important as I regard music, I have struggled to explain why I have such strong, emotional reactions to it.

The Magic of Love

Hugh Campbell

Recently, I was sanding the pine walls in the bedroom of a house I have had for thirty years. The house was a real fixer-upper, and it was my weekend project for most of those years. I found myself letting the world slip by as I concentrated on the job at hand.

Rekindle Your Passions

Dr. Dravon James

What happened to you? I mean, what happened to you, not what happened to you, the wife, or you, the mom, or you, the employee. What happened to you, the dreamer, the lover, the adventurer? What enticed you away from your journey and lured you to the path that you are on today?

My Favorite Spiritual Go-To’s

Nancy Robinson

After numerous years of working on my own spiritual energies and with clients, I’ve learned some simple-but-powerful strategies that help create my best day.

A Voice of Positive Planetary Change

Divine Sponsors of the Temple of Sacred Alchemy
Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Aurora: The 2020s are destined to be one of the most glorious passages the world has ever known. Humanity rises from the amnesia that kept the world in the throes of darkness. Old patterns are transformed. New light, energy, and vitality emanate in the people.

No Time Like the Present

Jenine Beecher

Norma: Today we are going to talk about time. In your world, your linear thinking model has given you the luxury to entertain the existence of the past and future. Now you need to focus on the energy of the present.

Request the Guidance of Love and Light

Mahatma Gandhi and Mother of Light and the Shockara Starbeings and Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde
Blue Turtle

Mahatma Gandhi: Beloved children of God, I can feel your great desire and motivation to change the world for greater social justice and equality.

Blessings and Harmony

The Angels of Light
Thelma Bodnar

Peace to all beings. Joy to all beings. Mercy to all beings. What a great way to honor your life and the lives of others. Few words, so much power. Often we choose words that cause us to spiral out of control, away from our grace and true self.

Willful Intentions for Accessing the Fifth Dimension

Kenneth Drake

Greetings to you, dearest souls. All manifestation and incarnation into the three-dimensional space-time regarded as life on planet Earth is but the byproduct of willful, conscious intent.

Keep the Divine Spark Glowing

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
Judith Coates

Many come to you for healing of the body and psyche that goes down very deep within the mind, even to the soul level, to come forth and acknowledge that which you Are, they Are, I Am, and to acknowledge the divine spark that truly ignites everything you do, everything you think, and everything yo


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