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Traversing the Last Subplanes of the Fourth Dimension

Traversing the Last Subplanes of the Fourth Dimension Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved master, you are a white-fire, seed-atom fragment of God consciousness. Your individual God-seed atom is the wholeness of your being within this sub-universal experience. Envision your God self as a golden sphere of divine light that has sent forth many fragments of itself throughout the many creations within this subuniverse. You are one of those brilliant, shining fragments.

Your God self, or I Am presence, experiences many realities at once. As you move more fully into the entry levels of a fifth-dimensional environment, you will begin to experience some bleed-through — telepathic thought forms and information from some of your closer, most energetically compatible higher selves. You are becoming multidimensional, spiritual/human beings.

You are about to enter a doorway into another reality, a world where special talents and attributes are a normal part of who you are. You are experiencing a physical and nonphysical reality at the same time. You have spent much more time in a nonphysical reality than in the physical world. Earthly existence is merely a moment in time compared to time spent in the higher realms.