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The Power of Love to Transform Reality

Lord Metatron
Judith K. Moore

Have faith, and know this truth. I am Lord Metatron. I speak to you from the source of metatronic power and metatronic light. The light of Metatron has the authority to alter the destiny of humanity and the world.

You Are Coming Out of the Fog

Supreme Creator Goddess

Emerging from the fog of 3D Earth is a peaceful clarity. Everything seems all right or set right. The only difference is that you may be the only one in your circle to have achieved that in this space and time now called Earth. Rejoice, as this is yours to keep.

You Have Chosen to be an Instrument of the Creator

Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde and Shockara Starbeings and Mahatma Gandhi
Blue Turtle

Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde: Beloved children of the Creator, we are buoying you up and assisting you as you make transformative changes in the world as you are called to serve. It is a very remarkable time for you to come fully into your discernment and spiritual gifts.

You Are a World Server

Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde and Mahatma Gandhi and Mother of Light
Blue Turtle

Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde: Beloved children of the Creator, it is remarkable to see you envision a better and grander world in which people can live together in harmony, peace, and loving commitment to one another.

The Magical Hawthorn Tree

Mother Mary
Therese Dorer

Therese: The hawthorn tree is known as the fairy tree and is said to be the entrance to the land of the fae. Welcome to this magical tree. The hawthorn offers her sweet leaves for you to eat. These tender and sweet, juicy leaves are known as “bread and cheese.”

It Is Time to Celebrate

The Siria Family
Sheryl Ann Noday

Dear loves, it is in this way and on this day that we come to share with you.

Create in the Flow of All Creation

Alirectda and The Elohim and the Essences
Ari Regala

Ari: As I went into a meditative trance, I asked: What does humanity, myself included, need to hear? I then opened myself up to the highest frequency of truth for all who might receive this channeling. The following is what I received.

Be the Embodiment of God’s Perfect Love

The Angels Known as One
Dr. Vajra Sonora

Greetings, dear ones. We are the energies of ONE, fully present with you here today. We bring you a message through this channel.

The Divine Feminine Must Lead Now

Virginia Ellen

The Christ self is God’s highest ideal of human perfection. It is a state of consciousness you attain through devotion.

Make Yourself Beautiful Inside and Out with Reiki


If you wish to enhance your inner beauty, you can try the very popular Japanese alternative healing technique, Reiki. It gets rid of blockages and allows blood to circulate freely, making you radiant with beauty.


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