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The Gift of Uncertain Times

Jessica Marie Baumgartner

I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I don’t know what’s going to happen next week or next year. Based on what we’ve all gone through recently, no one does. But do we ever truly know what’s ahead? No one can fully predict the future 100 percent, and that’s a good thing.

The Most Powerful Love Story

Donna Ferri

Love is more than a concept, even the highest love. But when showcased in a certain framework, love is paramount. Still, love is not all. Without wisdom to guide it and power to bring it through to completion, love remains a mystery.

The Four Dimensions of the Tree of Life

Ethan Indigo Smith

Symbolism and numerology are useful tools for finding elusive relationships and correspondences among diverse groups. Exploring how diverse cultures viewed symbolism and spirituality can reveal our shared human consciousness, individuation, and self-development.

Victorian Moon

Josh Urban

The cold Moon loomed up through the forest, as big as a new idea, resplendent in purple robes of dusk. I saw it looking at me, and I looked back, gazing on this last tradition of the waning year before turning and walking inside.

The Pinnacle of Balance

The Center of A
Debbie Anderson

Sitting in darkness is not necessarily a bad place to be. Go within to visit your shadow side and accept that you are both shadow and light. Then you can bring this new year of 2021 into your being.

Share Your Gifts

Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde and Mahatma Gandhi
Blue Turtle

Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde: Beloved children of the Creator, we enfold you in our loving embrace as you navigate the world in this catastrophic time when so many beloved ones are getting very sick and dying.

Change Is Your Friend

Pillars of Light
Thelma Bodnar

Greetings. I offer words of encouragement, love, joy, peace, compassion, and truth. Yes, let’s always be centered in truth. Much speculation, disharmony, and untruth swirl on your planet.

A Time of Shadow and Illusion

Kenneth Drake

Beloved fellow god, it is important that we speak to you concerning the season to come so that you do not faint, lose heart, or return to slumber. As some among you have often said, you are experiencing what might be termed a dark night of the soul.

The World’s Tipping Point

Rainbow Walker
Matthew Douglas

We take this moment to walk through the existence of life where you find yourself at this time in this shifting of mind, heart, and spirit. Your evolution through the process of awakening within the dream of all dreams comes this day, enters 2021, and moves toward 2022.

The Best Is Yet to Come

Liane Rich

Liane: God always reminds me that there is more than one way and more than one truth. We view everything in life through our personal perspectives. When God writes through me, the information given is always meant to guide me in the most helpful direction.


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