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(Brave) New World

(Brave) New World Angel Ariel through Adria Estribou

This is angel Ariel. You are coming into a brave New World. It is not brave because it requires you to do battle. It is brave because it is bold. It is new. It has defiantly left the old behind. The defiance, bravery, and battle make up the costume, the personality or functionality, that allowed you to come to this place. The bravery was part of how you got here to this moment of freedom.

It’s all right to drop the “brave,” if you like, because you’re here in the New World. If you want to create a world that is more peaceful, loving, and kind, it’s okay to drop the warrior mentality; it’s no longer needed. It was vital and got you here to this New World, but now it’s a choice point. You needed that battle mentality to break free from prison, but there’s no longer a prison to be free from; there’s just freedom. You don’t have to keep your battle clothes on. But that choice is up to you. Some of you like that feeling, that surge of power, that feeling of powerfulness and victory.

The victory is yours, certainly. It’s up to you and one of the choice points in this transition. Maybe you want to come into what we have described as a peaceful meadow, where it’s playtime, relaxation time, and creation time, and there’s less struggle. There is nothing to struggle against when you can have your will. When no one imposes anything on you, you have no reason to battle. There is no territory to conquer, because you can have it all — anything in your universe. As long as you are not trying to subjugate or hold power over anyone else — which is not something we recommend — then you have no reason to do battle, because no one is trying to hold power over you.